Dancing with Death Chapter 2

When Derek is approached by Bennie, he doesn’t know what to think. He is but isn’t thankful about his pants being tight. It somewhat hides his erection but not so much at the same time.

Dammit. This cannot be good at all.

“Can I help you?” Derek asks.

“Yeah. I wanna date you. Would you wanna get a cup of coffee after work?” Bennie asks.

Sounds innocent enough. Derek doesn’t have much luck when it comes to guys but he knows it is for the best that he keeps calm no matter what. better to not make an ass out of himself. At least he would hope it would be a better reason.

“Sounds good. That would be great actually,” Derek replies.

“Good. What time do you get off?”

“In about an hour.”

“Same here. We’ll go from there,” Bennie says and turns to walk back.

Damn he has a nice ass. One that Derek can see himself sliding in and out of until they both cry out in pleasure. But he doubts it would happen. He has rotten luck when it comes to guys.


When Bennie and Derek get off work, Bennie guides him to the local diner where they have coffee together and talk about things. Bennie cannot help how aroused he gets around Derek. From the corner of his eye, he spots Derek throbbing between his legs. Fuck he wants to taste it.

He takes a napkin and writes a note to Derek before heading to the bathroom. The diner is loud and busy so it is better to just keep it quiet.

They head back to the bathroom and slip into a stall. At that point, he pulls Derek into a stall and closes the door, locking it behind him. thank god for the privacy doors. No way to tell if someone is in a stall other than the locked door. no see through spaces. No holes in the stalls for stupid glory holes and no chance for anything but privacy. It’s kinda nice.

When he yanks those pants down, he watches Derek’s cock levels with his mouth.

Yes. This is it. this is his chance.


Derek doesn’t know what to think at this point. He just knows that mouth around his cock head feels amazing. this is what it is all about. This is what it takes to be a man. To have a partner. And he loves it. Only a matter of time before things escalate. The more Bennie sucks him the more he moans for more. And no one is listening in on them. Thank god for soundproof stalls.

When he gets good and ready, Derek pulls Bennie up and turns him around. He yanks down those bottoms and stares at that ass. So round and perfect. Calling his name. Begging for his penetration. That’s all he wants.

When he enters into that ass, he listens to the moans. It feels amazing. And it is gonna get that much better.

He sits on the toilet and lets Bennie ride him.


Dancing with Death Chapter 1


He climbs into bed that night and hopes to the gods he could find someone that would work for him. Someone that would love him for him and his shit ton of faults. But that’s not how Derek lives.

He does what he has to do day after day. Suffering in this cesspit of shit called a life. Sighing, he heads off to bed. Knowing that maybe tomorrow it could be a better day.

When he gets up the next day, Derek heads off to work at the shop. Working day in and day out at the same old song and dance. Busting his ass making chairs, tables, rocking chairs, and then some.

He has no clue what the future will hold but he knows it is for the best. When he gets to work, he clocks in and refills the shelves. He works the stock and restock. And on occasion, he gets tossed into sales. But mostly stocking and restocking. Honestly it is a shitty job that pays a shitty wage but he has nothing else going for him.

He figures it is only a matter of time before everything starts falling apart. Before life starts falling apart together. Or would it be falling together? He doesn’t know.

In his mind, he knows he could try harder. But something in his head tells him not to. That he is not worth it. He is never the kind of guy that sees the world as an upbringing place. A well to do place to live and survive in this world.

That is not the case at all. He sees himself as just living. That’s it. He’s not living for the moment though his mother lies to the world and thinks there is nothing better going on.

When he gets done with work, he heads on out and gets home. It is only a matter of time before things get better. But he is not so sure they will ever get better.


In time, Bennie figures it is best to make a move. Day after day he works with Derek and every day he sees that low pain on his face. The kind of look that worries the freaking hell out of him. Is Derek depressed? Seeing the world as half empty?

He hopes not.  But as a man working in this shitty job with a master’s degree in psychology, he knows it is his duty to do what he has to do.

In the end, he knows what he has to do. And knows it is time to shit or get off the pot. So the sooner he makes the move, the sooner he can start him on the path to healing and putting the pieces back together in his life.

Sitting back, Bennie watches as Derek works his fine ass back and forth. Bending over to grab things out of boxes in the aisle he is in, and put them onto the shelves. The sight is sexy as fuck but he holds back. What would be the point?

What good would come from walking up and saying, “Hey I wanna fuck that ass when we are alone”?

Not a damn bit of good. He knows that’s the truth. And he knows that no matter what he has to pay attention. To put the best foot forward.

Sighing, he gathers his fortitude and starts heading over.

Brand New Blog story

i am starting up a new blog story. it is adult and it will be interesting. but it is not gonna be through 3 points of view. it is gonna be through 2. nothing more. and it is gonna be a deep, emotional, soul searching kind of story. i won’t quote how long but i know it is gonna be a powerful one. and i will be writing it until i feel it is done. so stay tuned.

Can’t Back Down Ending


Forever seems like a long time but as long as I have Corey and we have our corgis we are just fine. Eight years. That is how long we have been together. Eight fucking years. Can you believe that?

It still excites me.

When I think about it, I know that we are gonna be just fine. It is worth it in the end. And love is always the ultimate prize. Look at me for Christ’s sake. I came out of a bad childhood. In a tiny ass house with 10 people that gave a shit about no one but themselves.

And I made it. So that should bring forth the truth. No matter how hard things are, it is worth it in the end.



Having a husband is great. But the day we adopted Terri and Greg things got a lot better. And a lot more complicated at the same time. Dammit to hell. We have been busy. I have turned down working these days to stay at home. As for Mitch, he has a job running a bakery and that is bringing a smile to his face. It takes this kind of thing no matter what.

It is just a matter of putting things together. But this is what it takes. What the future holds for us, I don’t know. It is just amazing what time can do for us.



I don’t like how the future has shaped us. Here I am, in this bed, facing the most lethal of things in life. Coughing up blood and doing what I have to do.

Ernie says I should just stay calm. That I should write what comes to mind and let it flow. He says it is worth it. He says it is for the best. Why me? Why did I have to end up on my death bed at 22? I don’t know.

My heart hurts so much. My head hurts. So I sit back and let myself get calm. Let time fly by me. Before long, I take my last breath. And then I go.

Ernie sheds his tears and gathers a doctor. But it is too late.

Can’t Back Down Chapter 32


When I get out of the house, I head off to work and get the job done. Thank god for it being a weekend. I only work until noon on weekends. Only a good four hours. And I don’t work Sundays. So I have today and tomorrow. Not that it matters much.

Getting home just after noon, I turn to the bedroom to find Corey lying on the bed, petting his corgi. Hamby is lying on the other side of him.

“I come home and you are petting bitches huh?” I ask with a laugh.

“You caught me. The only thing that would make it better would be letting me pet you,” Corey replies.

He is ballsy.

At that point, I rush onto the bed and we start making out. The corgis know where to go with their daddies wanna be alone. They do it and one of them pulls the door shut with the string I put onto the bottom of the door. The dogs are very well trained.

When the door is closed, we have happy fun time—we fuck like bunnies—and a while later, I hear the sound of them knocking on the door with their paws.

I press the button on the remote control and their doggy door opens up. They come rushing in and cuddle up to us before we crash in bed.

Come morning, we are up and Corey is off to his future and I am off to mine. Working hard, we do what we have to before we come on back to the house. At the house that evening, we get dinner done and hang out with each other for a while. A little kissing here, holding hands there, and a little bit of playing with our corgis before playing with each other before we end up back out like lights and sleeping like babies. It is nice to have that kind of comforting life. The kind that keeps going.

And that is what it comes down to. Just going one day at a time.

I love it. I love how well things are working out. It is just how it works out.



So we end up heading off to the courthouse the next day after work. Getting the paperwork done and having the judge marry us so we could marry each other. A simple courthouse wedding is all it takes. And that is what it is coming down to. This is forever for us. This is forever who we are and we like it this way.

The moment we get home, we make sweet love on the couch, in the bedroom, in the shower, and the kitchen. Yeah. We are stupid and horny like that. Don’t hate just because you want that kind of thing.

When we pass out, I look at our hands holding each other, the rings on our fingers and know that we are happy. We are facing forever. That might be fucking hard but I feel like we deserve it.

It comes down to doing what you have to do. To having the world ready for what you bring forth. And that is what it comes down to.

Come morning, we head off to our jobs and face life one step at a time. I find it amazing that I have a shit ton of gifts on my desk. Most of the gifts turn out to be for the both of us. So I set them aside long enough to get work done. At the end of the work day, I bring them home in the vehicle and bring them inside.

“What the hell is all this?” Mitch asks with a smile and some shock on his face.

“Turns out people know about us getting married. It’s wedding gifts for us,” I tell him.

The two of us sit back and start working hard on getting the gifts open. And as we do it, I start filling out thank you cards that I bought after work. I figure might as well. At the end of it, we put up all the stuff and stack up in a box the thank you notes. Figure might as well keep them ready for that next day of work.

In the end, I know it is not gonna matter. I know it is just a matter of going one step at a time.

We head off to bed with the hopes the next day will be as exciting as the day has just been.



I don’t know what it would take to bring forever together. But I want forever with Ernie. He is my rock. He is my everything. He is the most amazing man I have ever met. And that is what it comes down to. It just takes a matter of pushing forward and moving on when things get tough.

Lately Ernie and I have been having a shit ton of a spats over stupid stuff but I know it is just the two of us stressing out. We need to be on our own. It’s almost like he needs to seem masculine around his sisters to feel like a better man.

That is how it all turns out. This is just the beginning of what could become worse or better. I don’t know what it takes but I know it won’t be long before things get easier.

Sitting back that night with Ernie, I hold his hand.

“What would it take for things to be better with us?” I ask him.

“I don’t know.”

“Would us living alone help things? Start working on making everything better? Slowly? One step at a time? I don’t like seeing you stressed. What would it take? Anything?” I ask.

“I don’t know. What do you think?”

Hell yes. We are getting somewhere. It’s about frigging time.

Can’t Back Down Chapter 31


Taking his hand, I get up and head off with him on a walk. His hand is warm compared to mine. I like that about him. God only knows what the future could hold but at this point, I’m not gonna question it at all. But I know without a doubt nothing is gonna change what is going on. Nothing is gonna stop what we have going on here. But it is for the best. It is what it comes down to at times like this. And I am so thankful for that.

The more we talk the more we talk about what could come about in the near future. And the thought of growing old with Corey brings a smile to my face. He is a kind, honest, hardworking, beautiful soul that is turns out to be a pre-med student. One that shares a shitty ass apartment. Poor guy. At least he has a dog that can keep him calm in times of panic and then some. It might just be time to figure things out.

Time for us to think about whether or not we wanna date. He still has another four years of school. But I feel like I want forever with him. Does that make me a bad person?

“Look, I really like you,” I say.

“I like you too.”

“I wanna grow old and spend forever with you.”

“Me too.”

“Would you wanna live with me instead? The four of us could be happy together.”

“Who’s the fourth?” he asks.

“I have a corgi too,” I reply.

He laughs.

“Hells yeah. I would love to live with you. If you need help with bills just let me know.”

At that point, we head back to my place where we gather into my van and head over to his apartment. There we gather his stuff and he says goodbye to his roommates before heading back to my place with me.

Turns out he doesn’t have that many things.



Turning to him in the rocking chair on the balcony of our apartment, I glance at the beautiful man that I have been with for just about ever and know what I wanna do. This is what it is all about. This is what it comes down to. This is the moment that makes it that much better. I just hope he says what I hope he will say.

When he turns to me, I tell him, “I love you.”

“Love you too.”

“I wanna spend the rest of my life with you.”

“Same here.”

I drop to one knee and whip out a ring from my pocket. When I think about it, I realize this is the first moment to forever. It doesn’t come around to me as a surprise. It shouldn’t since I’m the one making a move.

“Marry me?” I ask.

Tears stream down his cheeks. It doesn’t come as a surprise when he says yes. I slide the ring on his finger and we go forth from there. Kissing, making love, that kind of thing. Moving it to the bedroom, I strip him of his clothes and make sweet love to him. He calls out my name with every few thrusts. It doesn’t surprise me when he blows but I don’t stop. It’s not over yet. Not at all.



We head back home and watch some science fiction movies that get Ernie’s blood pressure boiling in excitement. God only knows what it would take to bring him to fever pitch but I don’t wanna think about it. Getting that done, we head to the room in a matter of time. Getting things together and doing what I have to do in order to do what I wanna do. That is what it is all about. That is what it takes in today’s world.

That is not what it is all about. It is a matter of time before I make things happen. God willing I need to make things happen. What does it take to make things happen? I don’t know.

Sitting back, I watch him get excited and then some. I cannot help my eyes becoming glued to his ass. That tight nerdy ass of his. That is the one thing that keeps me questioning what is wrong with me.

That is what it comes down to for me. That is what it worries me. Almost pisses me off at the same time. I hate that I am addicted to staring at his ass but love the sensations that it brings me.

Fuck it. I pause the movie and pull him into the bedroom. We get onto the bed where I pull out the lube. I strip him of his pants and yank down mine. I need this. And I can tell he wants this.

He bends over on the bed and puts the lube on and into his hole. God he is so hot. I love my nerdy boyfriend.

When I finally get out of my clothes—I tend to wear skin tight clothes—I press my cock between those tight cheeks and into that slick hole of his. God yes it feels good. This is what passion is all about.

Thrusting in and out of that hole, I listen to him moan for me. Begging for more. Wanting more. It turns me on. Gets us both closer and closer until we both explode. And just like that I have to do laundry.

Can’t Back Down Chapter 30


I gain control over myself and soon after I glance back into those eyes of his. His corgi climbs off my lap and heads to his owner soon sitting opposite from where I sit on the bench.

“Are you okay?” he asks.

I am nervous if you cannot tell. When I glance away from him, I take a moment to gather my breath before I turn around.

“I’m fine. Just nervous is all,” I tell him. Why did I just say that to him?

I don’t know but I’m pretty sure I’ve already made a bad impression on him already.

“That’s fine. I’m nervous too,” he replies and holds out his hand. Its shaking slightly from the nervousness he carries on that fine body of his. Corey is a beautiful guy. He could do anything for anyone if he wanted to. But instead, he wants to talk to me. Meet me. Get to know me.


Why would someone as fine as he is want to date someone like me? The bumbling idiot that lives for his corgi and just does what he has to do to survive?

I don’t know. But I’m sure at some point he will tell me everything about it. About what is on his mind. When I turn back to him, I catch a hint of his body cologne. Strong, smells like peppermint, and icebreakers. Good stuff. I love the scent.

“Would you wanna go for a walk and talk a little bit?” he asks. I think about it for a moment before I reply.


He stands up and clips his corgi’s leash to confirm its tightness and control before he holds out his hand. I worry that he will make fun of me for being nervous. A bad habit of mine I must break. But it is understandable due to me being a shy person to start with. I mean look at what I have gone through. Who I have dealt with. Can you blame me?



This is what forever comes down to. This is what it takes to bring every step closer and closer to doing what we must do in order to have what we want.

I get up the next morning and get off to work after providing a kiss to my partner. I think about taking him to the courthouse and putting a ring on that finger of his. After all, with how long we have been together we might as well be a married couple.

But that is not something we can handle right now. We have little to no downtime and don’t even get me started on finances. I’m on the verge of making some cutbacks but it is up to what both Mitch and I decide. Getting through work, I don’t say much other than asking a few subtle questions about some things that confuse me.

When I get off work that evening, I head to the house and we sit down on the couch with a large plate of pizza rolls for the two of us. Sometimes the best dinner plans are the ones that are simple, sweet, but romantic at the same time. We watch a little TV as we pop a pizza roll into each other’s mouths.

“What do you think of us making cutbacks?” I ask him.

He nods and turns to me. “I am glad you brought that up,” he replies.

We dive into a nice deep conversation and before long we start making a list on a legal pad with a pencil of what we need and what we don’t need.

Some things we need are things like: electricity, water, AC, gas, etc.

And then we list what we don’t need: cable TV, top of the line things.

Then we make a new list of the stuff we need to get that could help us out. It might be a stretch but I believe we could pull it off. We have the smarts the caring, and the intelligence to make it happen. The strength to take down what needs to be taken down and face what needs to be faced.

We are stronger for doing so and I believe it will help us tremendously. No more almost drowning in bills. No more issues with certain things. No more worrying about breaking things down.



Four amazing people cross paths with us and make light conversation. We make intelligent conversation back to them, offering words of kindness, and then some before they head off. Before too long, there comes a heavy chill in the air so we head back home. Back to the apartment.

I worry that Ernie might have a problem with me not wanting to work at his sister’s business anymore. I worry that he would hate me for it. But I know I have to bring it up soon. If I don’t, then that makes me look like a total jackass. If I do bring it up, it might hurt and bring more issues to the surface but at least I wouldn’t look like a total puss about it.