Ride on

She stands at the corner of the future and don’t give a damn. Elizabeth knows how it goes. Her day is the same thing day in and day out. If is the eve of a new day and all she wants is to live for themoment. Her mind is consumed by the thoughts if what she could do. And it makes her smile.
That is when she realizes what she wants to do: join a biker group. Live for the moment. She is 49 and knows it is about time to live dangerously and have some fun for once.
She smiles as she steps into Living Hog Bike Shop and sees the many motorcycles. They are all sleek and shiny. And at the same timeshe wishes someone could help her figure out which one is best for her.
“Need some help there?” A strong powerful voice asks. she nods slowly. He is tall and. Bulky. He has a paid of strong legs, broad shoulders and a great ass. That is her kind of man. She hasn’t dated since middle school. The guy had been beautiful but on the end he had been in love with himself.
Nothing else.
“What are you looking to do?” He asks and she continues to look at that beautiful face of his. Strong cheeks and a set of pearly whites. He has a pair of soft blue eyes. Ones that make her lost in them forever.
She likes him a lot. And she knows she has to make a move.
“I am looking to join a gang and be a biker.” She almost has such pride in her words but when she waits for a response she begins to question it. Would it be like all those romance novels and Tv shows she watches?
“are you sure about that?” He asks.
“Why? Is there gang rape? Murder and violence involved?” She asks in a state of panic.
He laughs and it is a beautiful sound
One that fills her ears and makes her smile.
When he stops she waits for an answer.
Not even close. But it does have a lot of fun to it. Are you sure?”
She nods again.
“Then meet me here at five am with a couple bags packed” he says. Age is so glad for that.

The next morning she is up and has a coffee in her hands. She finishes her coffee and takes her bags on her walk to the bikeshop.when she gets there she sees him standing there. He is leaning on his bike. It os beautiful. It is pale orange and has the same insignia as his jacket. He takes her bags and puts them in the storage space.
Then he hands over a jacket. She puts it on and realizes it is a vest. And it has the same insignia.
It is finally gonna happen. She is finally gonna live wild and free.

Breaking Point

Just another day in this fucking hell hole. I don’t know what to do about it but I know it is gonna piss me off.

The more I work on these files and put in them what needs to be put in them the more they stack up. The office always gives me the new ones, as though they think I’m the only one that will do them.

I cannot begin to explain just how shitty this life is. It just pisses me off.

I sit back and get to work on getting them done. By five that afternoon, I’ve only made a dent in the stack but it doesn’t matter. My shift is over and I’m the only one that touches that desk.

This is the kind of job I hate—working in a lawyer’s office—and I cannot stand the shit I get for it but it pays the bills and that is what matters to me at this point. I deal with it because it pays the bills. That is the only saving grace for this job.

I cannot stand the fact I am stomped on all over the place. I’m not the only woman working there just like I’m not the only secretary there and yet I’m the one that has to do the work.


Because I don’t spread my legs for the bosses. Eight major lawyers in the small but somewhat big firm I work for and I’m the only one that does the paperwork.

I guess it is always meant to be. I think they pick on me and make me do the paperwork because I’m heavyset while the other secretaries are twig shaped and don’t hesitate to get a good fucking or two from the bosses.

It is just how it is. And as for me, I’m just the heavyset one—I’m big boned, don’t judge me—that does the work that just keeps on coming around. The others do all the phone calls and then some. And me, I do the heavy lifting. I guess it’s because I’m the heavy one.

Not that it matters. Everywhere I work, I end up doing the tough work and there is always the office slut—or sluts in this case—that get what they want so they can get out of working and put the work horses—me in every last case, it pisses me off let me tell you—to do all the hard work. Or any work for that matter.

I’m telling me it is because of jobs all around the world that I am gonna end up dying of a heart attack and stress overload.


A few days later, I get to work and finish the files. It is after five o’clock and I’m gonna get bitched at for working after hours but it is a fucking Friday and no lawyer works nights. At least not in this lazy good for nothing fucking firm. I don’t take lunch breaks because I often have an overloaded workload.

I know when push comes to shove it is best for me to work hard just as I know one of the lawyers has a soft spot for me. In fact, he doesn’t mind working after five. Braden Jackson is the only lawyer that will work late into the night. He is a young lawyer that cares about the people that others leave behind.

And he is quite sweet on me. He knows I bust my ass. Just as he doesn’t put paperwork duty on me when it comes to cases being done. He is one of those lawyers that isn’t an asshole and handles his own paperwork. He knows other attorneys would put it on me in a heartbeat because they feel they have no time or they want to put no effort into it.

Anyway, as I’m working on finishing up the stack, I look over to see he is in his office listening to music and finishing up a few files for court in the morning.

When I finish the stack, I clock out and head to his office. “I’m heading out for the night,” I say.

“Have a good weekend,” he replies and smiles at me. When he smiles, he has a tendency to wink. So when he winked, I dropped down. I felt a rush of pain in my chest around my heart. It didn’t help that I’d been stress eating a lot lately and having major pains in my chest.

He rushes to me to help me out and when he does what he can, even it doesn’t help. It is too late.


The day of my funeral, only he shows up. He paid for the headstone and everything.

I find it quite sweet what he put on there.

“Though she was worked too hard, she always had the tough spirit. A sweet soul, a beauty in disguise, and a great person.”

Four Warnings: prequel to Warnings books


He heads down the hallway of the work building and waits for someone to make a move. As an officer of the law, Ajax finds himself wishing a felon would make an angry pass at him. He knows it is a matter of time.



Rushing to the hospital a few hours later, Rissa looks around at the people in the parking lot. They are all depressed or at the side of the building smoking like chimneys. She cannot stand those that go through cigarettes like water but that was their problem, not hers.

When she enters the building, she heads up to the nurse’s desk and takes a moment to catch her breath. “I heard Ajax Henry is here. Is he okay? What happened?”

“He is stable. But it is gonna be an hour before you can go see him. I’ll page the doctor and have her come out to talk to you. I need you to go sit in the waiting room,” the nurse answers.

She nods and heads to the only available chair. As she waits, she pulls out her Kindle and reads the book she was reading before the call had come in. In the meantime, she wishes just to see if he is okay.



As he looks at the men walking in the line, Ajax keeps an eye on the simple motions they make. He knows of voodoo, magic, and then some. He knows of curses and animal sacrifice. All of his knowledge on it is thanks to the abnormal psychology class the force paid for him to take. He knows it is bound to happen at some point or another.

He heads back to the desk after a moment and sits there. A sudden headache comes on. In his mind, he runs through the stacks of the looks of people. One of them in particular never broke eye contact with him. The man was also muttering something, his lips moving in a quick manner.

But what was he saying?



Rissa waits and when the doctor calls out for her, she marks her spot and slides the e-reader into her purse. She steps up and heads to the doctor who looks at her in an ominous manner. Rissa worries from the expression but she figures it is bound to happen at some point.

“What’s the issue doc?” she asks.

“He’s been cursed. Someone put some kind of curse on him. The only way to put the curse away is to put the person down.”

“You mean kill the person?”

“That’s affirmative.”

Rissa can tell right off the doctor was in the military or part of some secret organization. “Can i go see him?”

“You can but you will have to put on a mask to prevent the curse from hitting you too.”

She sighs and nods. The doctor guides her to the room. She wishes she could figure out how to break this curse. But she has to figure out who the man is that put the curse on.

When she has the outfit on, she heads into the room and goes right to him. She sees the pain and shock in his eyes. She reaches out and takes his hand. “Talk to me. What did the man that cursed you look like?”

“Orange coat, scar on his left eyebrow, and pasty white skin,” Ajax spits out. She nods and keeps that in mind. Her mind is a steel trap. She is hell bent on figuring it out.

Rissa turns to the doctor, “Are you sure the only way to break the curse is for me to kill him?”

“That’s not the only case.”

“Give me other options here doc,” Rissa voices.

The doc is silent for a bit. Then she replies.

“Another decent option is to isolate the person and zap them with enough juice to make them talk.”

“I don’t have any contacts that can do that,” she replies.

“But I do. I’ll put in a call. Keep an eye on your phone,” the doc adds. Then the doc asks for Rissa’s number.

“Get ready for a call in a week.”

At that point, Rissa finds herself smiling and shaking the doctor’s hand outside Ajax’s room.

“I certainly will.”


Hiding the fear

his heart raced a good couple hundred a minute. his mind was focused one thing and one thing only: staying safe.

it was up to Dolan Kendler to face this mission and if he didn’t do it, he was gonna kick his own ass. he looked at the woman across the way. she had something she was hiding. and it was up to him to tail her. keep an eye on her. he pressed his ear com. “Can you hear me?”

“loud and clear,” adrian replied. adrian ran the tech department of the VPP and was the best of the best. he had done the field work but it had always been up to Dolan  to handle that now. most of the others were on vacation. lucky bastards.

Dolan felt like the odd man out. he would figure things out. he had too much time on his hands. and this mission was just what he wanted. the more he kept glancing at her, the more he began to drink her in. she was an average drink of water. slightly plump, decent sized breasts and the right curves.

the moment their eyes met up with each other, he seethed a bit. almost like he had an allergy to her. but that wasn’t the case. she had something he needed and he wasn’t gonna stop until he got it.

she was hiding something. and it was up to someone like him to find out what it was.


when she broke the eye contact, savanna headed out the door with her work sandwich and down the walkway.

she could hear a pair of footsteps matching hers and knew it was his. the man that had those soft blues she loved so much. in her mind, she knew he had some kind of beef with her. but what the hell was it?

she sighed and kept walking. quickly, she settled onto a random bench and pulled out her book. using it as a disguise, she waited until he showed up and sat next to her.

“What do you want from me?” she asked.

“you know what i want,” he growled.

“i don’t have anything important for you to want. so what do you want from me?”

“don’t play coy with me brianne.”

how the hell did he know her actual name?

“i’m not giving you any sex buddy. so don’t try me.”

“i don’t want sex. i wanna keep you safe.”

“from what?” she asked.


dolan took his time explaining  what he wanted her to do.

“are you sure?”

“yes. it is the utmost importance.”

“and you have my back?”

“of course.”

“Fine,” she said then walked off.

he watched her fine self head into a simple office.


when she was off work that evening, she headed home and got dressed up for the part. it was a simple party. nothing more. she pressed the gun to the small of her back that was covered up by a nice coat she’d bought but had no need for until now.

her doorbell rang and there he was: in a tall suit and looking sinfully sexy.


“as ready as i’ll ever be.”


when they got the party, he kept close to her as her “date”. and the whole time she drank in the subtle gestures. just in time, she slipped away and handed over the package to a woman with a deep brown dress. not the best color but savanna knew better than to challenge someone’s clothign styles.

“everything in it?”

“yes it is.”

brianne began to walk off when she felt something pressed between her shoulder blades. “walk slowly and carefully.”

shit. this was what savanna aka brianne was worried about. she walked back to the party with a freaked expression on her face. she couldn’t spot Dolan at all. it bothered the piss out of her.

where the hell was he? wasn’t he supposed to protect her?

as soon as they entered the corner of the party, she heard a click of a gun and the gasp of the woman behind her.

“drop it or i fire into your brain.”

“Why should i?”

“because it doesn’t look good for the headlines to talk of a whore in a brown dress being gunned down over a money drop now does it.”

“I’d like to challenge that,” the woman spoke.


before he watched savanna try to make a move, dolan fired a bullet into the woman’s back and dragged savanna aka brianne out of there.

“holy shit. i didn’t know what to do. i froze up. i’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it baby,” he said and kissed her after they entered the limo they’d arrived in.

olivia’s change

She had a lot to work on in her life. and Olivia didn’t know what to do. in her mind, she was beautiful. but to the world, she was heavyset, and downright average. but that didn’t matter to her. she was happy–on the split occasion she was depressed–and there was nothing about her she would change.

okay so that was a total lie. she didn’t like herself at all. she didn’t like how things were going. it was only a matter of time before her life changed. and she would be the one to change it.


sitting back at the house, she looked at the energy drink she was chugging and figured it wasn’t good for her. she had to stop chugging those damn things. they were making her heart hurt. what was the point though? she was sad, depressed, and felt like the world was right.

rising up, she went over to the treadmill that had been collecting dust and turned it on. while it was warming up, she went into the kitchen and got to work on grabbing a few water bottles. she kicked the door shut, put three of the four bottles on the nearby table and climbed up onto it.

after a few minutes, she turned up the speed and got to work on shedding some weight. a good two hours later, her body was pouring in sweat.


The next day she got to work on doing a bit of running around. went for a nice walk in the morning and a bit of work on the elliptical. she was pouring into pain but it was the good kind of pain.


six months later, she had lost a good 70 pounds. and it felt good. she was working on herself. and that meant a lot. people were starting to talk to her. to smile at her. wave at her on occasion. she had done a bit of shopping.

but it would be that change that would lead to her downfall. and that scared the hell out of her.


before she knew it, she was severely anorexic. her body was almost as thin as a string bean and she didn’t get why. didn’t understand how she was gonna get back to normal. eat a lot. gain weight. no way in hell.

doctors said if she unplugged the liquid feeder anytime soon, she would die by that next morning. it had gotten that bad.


that night, she took her breath, pulled that needle and plastered a smile on her face.


when her neighbor came to check on her the next morning, she had passed. only four hours earlier but she had passed on. and god only knew why she did it.

but at least, she died smiling.

Hardest Part

Sitting at home, wallowing in his own filth, Raden felt the world crushing down on his shoulders, telling him how to live his life. He sat on the front porch bcuz it gave him solitude. No fucking dogs barking at him, no people nagging him. Why?

Because most people said he lived in the boondocks. Out where no one gave a shit about people like him. A place he was lonely and alone because not even the joggers would head his way. it wasn’t a dam swamp but still people wouldn’t go out that far. the road was paved and he knew what the night sky looked like. he knew what the world saw him as: filth. just like he knew his life was filth. and yet–ironically–his house was clean as was he.

what was wrong with him? what did he do to piss people off?

he didn’t know. but that didn’t stop the pains in his chest happening every day when he saw no one by evening’s end. the only person that went out his way was the mail man or mail woman who had bills and such to deliver. not even the city would charge him much for the amount he used of water and/or electricity. what made him such a social outcast?

he didn’t know. no one would talk to him, tell him even. and as he sat there, he felt tears slip down his cheeks and hit his fresh jeans. he stepped inside and took a shower, knowing full well he had sat there most the day. and the only thing he’d meddled with was the book in his hand as he rocked back and forth on the swing.

he took care of his home, took care of those that came his way. hell, he even gave the mail person a drink when they came by. a bottle of soda for them every day. the simple twelve and a half ounces.

he had no problem with that and they were often thankful for such things. but they were the only ones that talked to him. made any contact with him.

and he didn’t know why.

all he wanted was some company. too much to ask? no.

people were just assholes to him. he did nothing wrong, attended the functions he knew about, contributed when  he could and what did he get in return? not a fucking thing.

in the end, he knew if he died, no one would come to his funeral. he would be left alone.

god only knew that.


that next morning, he never woke up.

when the mail person had gone inside, they called the doctor quickly.

the doctor said he died of a broken heart, from loneliness. and the hardest part was: the last few breaths.

Asking why

Holding onto the good times and the bad, Leon smiled as he headed to the kids location. If it weren’t for his nephew, he wouldn’t be showing up to this piss-hole but he had to. Rae had been insistent on coming here.

Not the race track. Not anywhere else but here. He didn’t get what Rae saw here. He didn’t like the place. Too many people. Too much whining and bitching.

It was like high school all over again. And as much as his nephew liked it, Leon knew he would lose the fight he’d pick. Sighing, he handed Rae 20 bucks and sent him on his way.

When someone stepped up to him, Leon wondered where this was going. But when he spotted it was his ex-lover Wallace, he knew this could be good or bad.

“What do you and Rae want to drink?” Wallace asked.

“Pepsi and root beer for him,” Leon replied and handed over 20 bucks. “Here’s to pay for it.”

“The hell does he see in this place anyway?” Wallace asked, leaning on the back of the booth.

“I don’t know. All I know is he’s 12 and loves this place to death. Almost like he’s shopping for someone to have play dates with. Or just dates for that matter.”

“How can you tell?” Wallace asked.

Leon nodded to where Rae was standing with the group of big kids and talking to them.

“That’s how,” Leon replied.

Wallace chose his words carefully. “Remind me. Why did we break up?”
“I caught you checking out guys’ asses.”

“Ah. What if I were to say I had stopped that. And that I wanted to get back with you.”

Leon pulled out his car and tucked it into Wallace’s shirt pocket. “I’d say call me after work and we’d talk about it.”

Wallace smiled and walked off and returned with the drinks. He whistled for Rae who ran over to get his drink and strut right back to his buddies.

“Amazing isn’t it? As close as he is to the teenage years, he’s still common as ever,” Leon spoke.

“Sure as ever,” Wallace replied.

“How long is your shift running?”

There was a crashing and crying near a table. “I’ll be right back.”

Leon watched Wallace’s fine ass walk over to the situation and begin to clean it up. He talked to the customers so carefully and then some. Then Wallace returned. And when he did, Leon saw a hint of a smile on his face.

“What was that all about?” Leon asked.

“Just a minor throwing a hissy fit over his mother drinking his soda. Took a short time to clean it up.”

Surprise, surprise.

Wallace always had a knack for fixing problems without a hint of trouble. He was smart like that. And Leon missed that. Missed Wallace sitting on his lap and watching TV with him when he wasn’t working.

Missed the cuddling they did while alone. The kisses they shared. It was the simple things like that which made Leon suddenly miss him.

Sure Wallace having a nice body was a plus but it wasn’t what Leon liked about him most. It was the caring personality, the willing to work on things and then some.

There was nothing better than that.

And he wanted it.


That night, when Leon went home alone, he sighed into his glass of white wine. He only drank white wine when he was depressed. And feeling lonely. God only knew it was a matter of time before he would feel that emptiness in his life again. Seeing Wallace brought that feeling to him. He loved Wallace. Would do anything for the man. Even if it meant butt watching people.

An odd hobby but he knew what Wallace wanted. And he would move to hell and back to make sure it happened.

When he thought about it, Leon knew that he loved Wallace. He just wished things would have been better. That they would have never broken up. They were good together. Looked cute together. But things had gone sour somehow and he wanted them to return to sweet.

Sighing, he pulled up his website and uploaded a few photos he’d taken of the outdoors. And a half hour later, people were liking and commenting like crazy. It paid to upload photos. He knew more than anything that it was his job. It paid and he was freelancing like crazy.

Maybe it was time he took up those offers he’d been getting to do professional photos. He had the camera, the free time and then some.

“You always were the sucker for that antidepressant white wine,” Wallace spoke from the open door.

Leon found himself smiling. Suddenly, he didn’t want the white wine.

He watched as Wallace climbed onto his lap and laid his head on Leon’s shoulder. “How was work?”

“Hell and a half,” Wallace replied. “I smell like kids and stale pizza. Can I grab a shower?”

“Sure. Then maybe we could spend time together like we used to.”

“Sounds good to me. But a shower is a must,” Wallace replied.

Leon laughed.

Suddenly he found himself asking why. Why he had ever broken up with the only man that ever made him laugh.


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