Racing Time Chapter 19


He is very nervous about what could happen next. Worries that things are gonna get a lot worse. That he and his people are gonna be caught. They are gonna be executed. But he doesn’t wanna challenge it. Heading to the other side of the guard on the opposite side of his house, he looks and sees that everything is just fine. Strange. It happens in one place but it doesn’t happen anywhere else. Is it because most of the world seems to call north America the rednecks of the globe? The third rate citizens?

That could be the case but he knows it is just better not to continue thinking about such things. And when he thinks about it, he knows life must go on. The show must go on. And he must continue what he has come to face. The sooner the better. And in his mind, he knows the gods will protect them. No one is gonna slip through that bubble. And should anything happen, he knows the gods will protect them. He knows Zeus himself would come down and strike them down like no tomorrow. That Aries would be one of the generals to such a war.

But he knows it is just better to leave things be. To stay in the safeguard and figure things out one step at a time. Sitting and gazing into the safe side, he starts to wonder if maybe it’s time to have a vacation. To visit Atlantis and see what they can do about it.

Sure it has vamps, shifters, and demons out the ass, but despite the size there is plenty of woods for them to relax in. to explore and have some fun. Maybe settle down and live forever. Though sadly forever is not how long they would stay. Only long enough to return to the inevitable war.

That is the truth at this point.



“We must go to a safe place,” Clyde tells her. She looks at him as though he is out of his mind.

“A safe place? There is no fucking safe place you crazy ass bastard,” she replies.

“But there is Atlantis is there not?”

He does have a point. Sometime in the last year or two Atlantis has risen once again. And it is a safe place for lore and other creatures. Anyone non-human. So when it rose, it became protected by the gods. It is never to fall again. The gods protect it. And they do not hesitate to bring something good to the world.

And gods would she love to have a nice place to have her kids. A nice house or nest to give birth and be happy. Sure she is aviary to a point but she doesn’t care.

To her, it is just life. And that is how it has always been. Plus now that she is pregnant, she could use this as a chance to have a nice year long vacation. Take the chance to get ready and then some.

That would be the ticket. She finds herself wondering if the kids would be harpy or fallen angel. If they would be cute or ugly as the dickens. That is the golden question and the more she ponders it the more she runs through possibilities in her head.

It is gonna happen whether she likes it or not. And she knows—as is part of the harpy kind—if she doesn’t like her child, she can cast her child out or toss them into the pit of fire to burn forever more and off to the gods as appeasement.

Just as she knows once they have figured out how to fly, she must cast them from her home and their lives forever lest they try to start something that could get her killed. It sucks shit but someone has to do it.

And something tells her Clyde would be too big of a softie. Too big of a pushover for that kind of thing.

Atlantis sounds nice.

“Fine. There is no peace or safety in the world. So we must be off to Atlantis. I will send a prayer or two dozen to the gods above to provide us a place in Atlantis. May the weather be merciful on us and kind?”

He nods as they head out and fly off.



The moment I come in that hole, I listen to him moan my name and bring the world to a better place for me. I know there are people that want my kind dead and as I lay there, watching him ride me until he blows his load onto my chest, I often wonder am I the last of my kind—the cheetah shifter—for good?

Have the others been killed?

I wonder if my mate Jefferson has a power of his own. If he is truly shifter. And the more he rides me the more I sense that he does. He just hasn’t told anyone.

When he blows his load, we lay there for a moment before hitting the shower.

Once in the shower, his skin becomes even softer, if possible and then some. He is beautiful.

“Tell me,” I ask him. “What are you? Human? Shifter? Vamp?”

“Shark shifter.”

“Interesting. What kind of shark if I may ask?”

“Don’t worry about offense. I’m just something called a nurse shark,” he replies. I nod and smile at him before planting a heavy kiss on those lips.

“You know there’s a chance if someone finds out we are shifters in fact we are destined to die.”

“Then why not go to a sanctuary called Atlantis. I know of it. I know it has risen again and I know that we would be safe. No human could step foot there.”

“You make an excellent point. But if we don’t show up someone will suspect something.”

“They will suspect otherwise.”

Good point. He makes plenty of excellent points. So the question is: try to blend in or just say fuck it and head to Atlantis where we would be safe.

Racing Time Chapter 18


Heading off from the sanctuary ground, Armand heads through the woods and looks out at the other end. The world is going to shit. People are burning up houses and fields and shit. Thank god for the sanctuary walls that protect the forest and their gods given area. If not for that, Armand is sure they would have no home. They would be dead.

People have gone on a panic. Looking to his right, he spots vamps hanging by threads. Or rather threads that turn out to be nooses.

It is what it is. He knows something is going on. What is it the last person he talked to called it? The Purge?

That sounds about right. And he knows things are gonna get interesting. Life is about to get a lot worse. He doesn’t know what it is gonna take but he will keep praying to the gods to keep them safe. Because obviously the other kinds haven’t been doing so.

Running back home, he turns on his TV and looks at the various images that show up. Witches and such being burned at the stakes. Wolves being hung. Other shifters being decapitated and impaled on large sharpened spikes. This just gets more and more gruesome. It truly is a purge. Things are not getting better. It is turning out worse for the paranormal community. Nothing is gonna stop this form continuing once it has started.

His phone buzzes and a picture shows up to find someone known as Cordell—according to the picture—stuck through with a spike even though the body has clearly been dead for a while.

He wonders: is this some kind of warning? Does someone know about the walls? Has someone fibbed about them?



Nettie flies over head and avoids the arrows being shot at her as well as the bullets. Something is going on. Landing on top of trees next to Clyde, they spot more and more people tearing shit down. Nothing can stop things from getting worse. Time is starting to kick them in the ass.

People are getting more and more cruel. She hasn’t a clue what more to expect at this point. But she knows she might end up going south again. Going back to her home. Where things are safe. And though she thinks it’s too much a stereotype, she feels safer in the trees. Houses that belong to paranormal beings are being torn down. Statues damaged. People massacred. It’s like the world isn’t gonna stop until the last shifter or demonic entity is gone.

Turning around, she flies high into the air—into a location that has a slight lack of oxygen—and flies back home. The whole time Clyde stays close to her, protecting her ass.

Once back at the house, she sits back on the bed and calms her heart. Not good for being sick. But she is getting better. At least she thinks so. Just as she gets comfortable, she jumps off the bed and swan dives right to the bathroom, retching up everything that comes to her stomach.

This is not good at all. The world is going to hell and so is her health. It is only a matter of time before things get much worse. And she doesn’t wanna think about what it could be.

Once she’s done, she flushes the toilet and washes her mouth out with water and mouthwash. Sitting on the counter, she puts her hand to her head and feels a normal temperature. What the hell is wrong with her? And why is it happening to her?

Clyde hands her a box. “Do yourself a favor? Piss on this.”

“Why?” she asks.

She does so and hands it to him. He glances at it. This is just getting better and better. He comes back a little while later.

“This is why,” he says. And clears his throat. “You are pregnant.”

Fucking hell. Pregnant?



I stare at the men in front of the house. At the front door. They look redneck. Long beards. Thick glasses. And lots of anger in their eyes.

“What’s up man?” one asks.

“Nothing much. Just relaxing. What’s up with you?” I ask.

They smile. “You wanna have some fun.”

“What do you mean?”

“We are purging the world of the filth.”

“Don’t tell me you are here to preach about the bible.”

“Don’t know, don’t care about that filth. We would like you and your partner to join us in the purge.”

Being a smartass with a smile, I ask, “Do we get a choice?”

“Nah,” another one says.

I burst out into laughter and they join me.

“Okay guys. Just let me and my partner fuck around a little while longer and we’ll join you,” I say.

They high five me and close the door after saying, “have fun.”

I don’t know what the purge is about but at this point it is better to blend in and hide shit rather than to be out of it and stick out like a whore’s thumb.

Heading back into the room, I look at him seductively. “Where were we?”

“You were fucking my hole.”

At that point, I get hard instantly and flip him onto his back. Spreading those cheeks, I eat that hole using every fiber of my being to hold me back from coming. Once good and ready, I keep them spread and thrust my cock inside.

And when I do, he moans for me.

“I don’t know your name,” I say.

“Why do you ask?”

“I wanna moan it when I come in that hole of yours.”

“It’s Jefferson.”

That’s one hot fucking name.

The moment I start thrusting, I moan his name and he moans mine. We cannot hold the affection we feel. The surprise feeling of ecstasy rises through me as I thrust into that tight hole. I cannot help it. He is just so fucking hot. And I want what I want.

But this is just the beginning.

Racing Time Chapter 17


When he wakes up a few days later, Armand gets to work on getting ready. This is just the beginning. Nothing is ever gonna be the same.

When he is good and ready, they wait for the first crew of wolves to come around. It takes a few days of waiting but they come around.

“Hell hath no mercy,” Armand says and at that point, he runs forward, starting the battle. Blades are more of a power hit than claws. And the more they fight the more slicing and dicing he does. He doesn’t like it—the blood that covers his home, his field—but it is what it is. And this is the only time he can handle it. This is the only reason he would keep on going with this.

The more he fights the more he slaughters. And once the battle is over, he almost expects another one to come around. But not yet. Time just keeps going by.

When he gets back to the house, he provides food for everyone. And just as they finish eating, there comes a sound of growling outside. God only knows what could happen next at this point.

They are just keeping up with it all. He doesn’t know how many wolf packs there are in the world but he is not afraid to take it all. But what the hell can he do at this point?

In his mind, he has a lot of plans going on.

“What are you thinking?” Damien asks.

“I’m thinking we need to flood out these windows and kick some ass,” Armand replies and they do just that. Heading out the windows and the door, they dive into their next battle. Sure their stomachs are gonna hurt but at this point, surviving is the main plan.

Surviving and taking out those that have hurt and killed their brothers in life and arms.

The more he fights the more he feels that adrenaline that keeps fueling him no matter what. He has a plan and he is not gonna stop until it comes to be.



She devours the meals that come around and when she is full she ends up hitting the bathroom and blowing up the joint. The whole time, when she uses the bathroom, she hears Clyde laughing from the other side of the door.


Has he never heard a woman drop a ton of heat before? She rolls her eyes and goes back to the book she is reading while using the shitter. And once she’s done, she flushes and sprays the hell out of the air.

Gods at this point, she would do anything to not have to do that again. Not only is she embarrassed, she finds herself blushing deeply as she steps out of the bathroom.

She spots Clyde laughing so hard he falls off the bed and keeps going, gasping for air dramatically even. She rolls her eyes.

“Ha. Ha. Very funny,” she replies and heads to the living room.

Sitting onto the couch, she continues reading further into her complete collection of Poe. The man knows how to write a damn good story. The more she reads the more she falls in love with each story. It’s almost like Poe is referencing to small but personal parts of her life. Ones she will never care to talk about.

The hell is wrong with people. She doesn’t know but at this point, she is ready for forever with Clyde. But things will never be the same. Her life will never be the same.


A few days later, she gets to the bathroom but instead of blowing it up, her stomach reverses on her. The more she upchucks the more her stomach feels better. The hell is going on?

She doesn’t know. But at this point, she just wants things to be just fine. Just a small case of the flu. Gods only know what could be going on. Of course they do.



Smile at him.

When I have him good and slick, I thrust myself into it. And gods only know I wanna do this. I have been waiting for this for so long. This is only a matter of getting it done right.

Sliding in inch after inch, I find myself more and more aroused. This is just what I have been waiting for. It is so slick. So ready. So perfect.

The moment I have it all the way in, I hear him begging for more. Wanting so much more. And that is just what I am ready to do. When I start thrusting, I hear those moans fill my ears. I don’t care if he is drunk, sober or whatever. I just know I love the fucking hell out of his hole.

Cannot wait to come in it and make it mine.

The more I thrust the more he moans for more. And I love the sound so much. His hole is just so perfect. So tight. Virgin tight. And at this point, I just don’t care. The more I fuck that hole the more I hear those moans sliding out of those lips.

He rides me so perfectly. So beautifully. And when he rocks back and forth, his cock slaps my stomach but I don’t care. I don’t mind at all. This is just what it is.

A lot of lovemaking and a lot of passion.

And just as I am about to come for him, someone knocks on the front door. Quickly I pull out of him and my cock grows soft as I toss on a pair of underwear and some shorts.

What the fuck? Who the fuck knocks on a door at three in the morning? What is wrong with people?

This is just fucking ridiculous.

Heading to the front door, I let out a growl as they knock on the door and ring the bell again.

Who the fuck is it? And what the fuck do they want? This is just a crock of shit. Gods dammit. The fuck is wrong with people and their goddamn impatience!

Racing Time Chapter 16


They lay back in their own juices, relaxing a bit before heading off for a shower. Once clean again, Armand whistles for his men and gathers them to the fields. “In the morning we will spar with one another. This is the chance to get your work out done. If you are injured, don’t worry as the gods have provided us with someone that works wonders with healing. And be ready. For once we are all good and ready and have the sparring out of our systems; we shall go out and protect what is ours. Protect our own. Whether we like it or not, a war is upon us. There is no choice in the matter. We must be ready for the problems to arise. “

At that point, there is a roar of applause. And he feels good knowing he is leading his people into what could be the raise to their victory. And the first thing they must take down: all those wolves that have tried to tear them down. To hell with focusing on wolves.

It is just a matter of setting up a principle. And not that it is gonna happen, mind him.

But when he thinks about it, he hates that his kind are treated like shit. That they are facing one problem after another. And sometimes the best thing for someone to do is face their problems head on.

That is the best method. To face it head on. And if it gets too bad, figure something out to make things work out. A compromise of sorts. He heads back to his house and settles on the couch with Damien. The two talk it out before making out and falling asleep.



She cannot hold herself back any longer. She has to have him inside her. Yanking him to the bed and on his back, she straddles him and takes every inch. On route to the bed, she strips down completely so she is ready. Gods he feels good. So hard and ready for her. Pre-come sliding down his cock.

At this point, if he comes in her she wouldn’t mind having a child with him. He just keeps getting better and better. The more she rides him the more she moans and the closer her first of many orgasms comes around. Gods he is just so good. So hot. So amazing.

An orgasm tears through her but she keeps going. The more she rides the more orgasms tear through her. God only knows what more she can handle at this point. And when he climaxes, she leans back and lets out a sigh. She feels so much better. The best thing to do at this point is cuddle and fall asleep.


Come morning, she feels a lot better. But she has a hope in her mind that things will come together. But at the same time she feels somewhat of a pang of loneliness. As though Clyde is not the only thing she wants in her life. But that is when things start to get interesting for her.

The moment she comes out of the bathroom, her stomach growls. Her body is hungrier than she is normally used to. But then again, when has she ever been normal?

After heading to the fridge, she starts heating up leftovers like fucking crazy and eating them but it doesn’t seem to be enough. And right after she fills her stomach, she heads to the bedroom for more insatiable, amazing sex.



We continue to sip at our wine and talk about whatever comes to his mind. And by 1 am he is wrecked as hell. His mind isn’t working on all cylinders and his words are slurring. And as much as I wanna take advantage of that, I cannot.

So after all is said and done, I bid him goodnight and head to the bedroom. By 1:30 I find him in the bedroom in bed with me spooning naked and hard as a rock. The boy is tempting me to do things that shouldn’t be tempted to start with.

When I cannot take it any longer, I try to turn away but he pins me down and takes me into his mouth. Holy hot shit. This is amazing feeling. The more he sucks on me the more turned on I become. And damn am I getting turned on! He is a master at using that mouth and using it against me. That is just what I am hoping he will stick to no matter what.

The more he sucks the closer I get and when I cannot hold back any longer, I roar and come into his mouth. He takes every last drop. But I get the feeling this isn’t over. He slides out of the sheets and bends over on the bed. “Fuck me.”

“It’s not right and not fair to take advantage of you.”

“It’s not taking advantage when someone offers it. Even when drunk. And I promise I won’t scream rape so fuck me.”

With that, I don’t hesitate, I lay him flat on his stomach and start licking at that hole, getting him nice and slick. He moans and begs for more. Letting me know he likes it. I cannot wait to come in that hole. To fuck that hole. To enter it even.

“You sure you want this?” I ask after a little while. He sounds sober when he answers.

“I’ve never wanted anything more in my life,” he says strongly.

And that is my cue to go for it. Testing him out, I slide my first finger into that hole, getting it good and ready. Oh yes. He is quite slick. Then I slip another finger in. then a third. He moans, begging for my cock to enter. And that is just what I have been waiting for. The right amount.

Sighing I…

Racing Time Chapter 15

This is his chance to shine. His time to shine. And Armand is all for it. When Armand tries to go back into that hole again, Damien shoves him back. Damien presses Armand against the wall and takes that cock in all the way.
Both of them moan. At that point, he gives up the reigns and let Damien take full control over this. This is his chance. His moment. His time to shine. And he is going for it full time. The more he feels that hole slide around his cock the closer Armand gets. He loves the fucking sensation of it.
The way it gives him chills with every intake and slide. Gods above this is some hot shit.
Damien pulls off him and Armand begins to get frustrated. Just how many more decisions is the fucker gonna put him through. To his surprise, Damien tosses him to the ground and slides all the way onto him again.
It is so hot. Watching that ass get pounded by his cock. Watching the way Damien tosses his head back and moans. And the more Armand thrusts into it—he wants what he wants-he lifts his head up and nips at those delicious nipples. The ones that are begging to be licked, suckled on, and then some. The more he suckles at each nipple the more Damien seethes and moans.
“Fuck. You just keep hitting my spot baby. I want it all. I want your come so much. So fucking much,” Damien moans, sounding oh so naughty.
Naughty enough that Armand starts thrusting faster and faster. Almost fast enough to take his come. The more he nips and plays with those nipples the more closer he gets.
And when he cannot hold it back, he and Damien come.
That’s right. The son of a bitch is a weak bastard. But what is the true motive there? Why didn’t her bother grow a set of balls?
She doesn’t know but at this point, she feels like celebrating. After returning home, she pulls Clyde into the bedroom and kicks the door shut.
“You turned me on so much when you helped me kill her. It really brings out my naughty side,” she says.
He smiles at her. “Is that so? Well what can I say? I like bringing that side of you out,” he replies with a smile.
She presses him against the wall and strips him of his pants. Dropping to a crouch, she brings out his cock through his underwear and teases the head with her tongue.
He seethes and growls out a moan. That moan is enough to get her wet between the knees. Oh yes. She wants him. And she’s gonna have some fun with him.
The more she licks the more he moans. He wants her mouth on it. But she wants to tease him. To drive him wild with her mouth before having the true fun.
And what she wants, she gets.
Nettie licks along the length of it and gives the vein a supple kiss. The whole time he moans, growling at her for teasing him. But that is just music to her ears.
When he is giving her a dirty look, she smiles and takes it all into her mouth.
Thank gods for having no gag reflex. That would have bugged the fucking piss out of her. He lets out a loud moan and she starts sucking him off. Back and forth. More and more. Over and over again.
He is putty in her hands. Pure putty.
He stands there looking like major eye candy and I cannot help myself. I want him so much. And I will have him.
“What can I do for you, neighbor?” I ask seductively.
“I was just wondering if we could hang out. Maybe hit a couple bars.”
“You aren’t legal to drink.”
“Or we could hang out at your place.”
“Do you swim?” I ask.
He nods. “Sure do. Swim team in high school and just got out of season for college. One more year to go.”
He certainly does. That body of his is driving my hormones wild. I want him so much he is driving me wild. Rocking my fucking world, baby!
No shirt on and he is standing in the doorway of temptation. And as we all know temptation is a bitch. One that is begging to be fucked. I know that’s the truth.
“Are you sure you wanna hang with the big boys?” I ask.
“I’m practically one of them,” he says.
And he has a point. The thing I know about him is: I know when he turns 21. 39 days away. 39 days and he is fresh meat to the world. And I intend to claim him long before then.
When I think about it, I know things are gonna get interesting. Life is about to get a whole lot hotter. And I plan on showing the world what I can do. I might be a cheetah, but dammit I stake my claim fast.
And pretty fucking fast too.
I invite him inside, close the door and lock it.
Heading to the fridge, I grab 2 fruit punch beers and bring one to him. He pops it open and takes a drink.
“Don’t worry,” I start, “this is our little secret. You aren’t a lightweight are you?”
“I don’t know but if I am can I crash here? The last thing I need is to go back to the dorms acting like an ass for being shitfaced.”
“Understandable and sure,” I answer before thinking about it.
The moment I sit down, we start chatting about everything. About his swimming and his life. But we don’t talk about mine. I don’t like talking to people I wanna spend the rest of my days with about my life. That is one area that will piss me off if someone challenges it.
I smile and nod at him. That body. I wanna kiss him.


Racing Time Chapter 14


It is amazing how some people learn to cope and move on. And when Armand and his crew return to their home back into the forest, he watches as Damien gets used to his surroundings.

Gods the man is beautiful. And certainly knows how to hold his own when someone threatens him or his mate. But now that they are home, he hasn’t a clue what to do at this point.

Should he just make love to Damien and see how things work out from there. they head to the house that Armand owns in the forest and there he spots Damien leaning against the wall, twisting his hips, taunting Armand with his nude form. With that perfect butt of his.

Gods above, he is taunting him so much. So much in fact, he is having trouble containing his erection. “Come to me mate. Show me how you wanna do me,” Damien taunts and smiles.

And when he taunts, he definitely taunts. The more he taunts him the faster he strips out of his clothes. And when he cannot wait any longer, he thrusts his strong erection into that ass of Damien’s.

“Gods yes,” Damien moans as Armand doesn’t hesitate to fuck his mate. The more he thrusts the more the air is filled with that slapping sound of two hands coming together at just the right angle. The more he fucks that hole the more Damien moans for more.

Getting him harder, making him pre-come like crazy. Fuck yes. He loves it. cannot wait for more. And to his surprise, Damien shoves him back, shoving him out of his hole.

“The hell is that for?” Armand asks.

“You’ll see,” Damien replies and picks him up, bringing him to the bed.



“That is not his fault. Not his fault you are a vindictive bitch that needs to die. You killed our mother,” snaps Nettie.

“Yes I killed mother. But that is not my fault.”

“Yes it is you lying cunt. It is your fault. You couldn’t stand the fact mother and father were giving everyone else just as much love as they were giving you. You wanted to be the center of attention. And when they told you to blow it out your ass you got pissed off and let your anger get the best of you.”

“big fucking deal. I did the world a favor. they were pricks,” Sabine says.

“Says the head prick herself. You cannot stand the fact the world wants nothing to do with you. The world doesn’t care about you. And you change that by bringing the attention to yourself. The negative attention. You are worse than Kanye West and the Kardashians. That says something.”

“I love the Kardashians. Kim is such a slut.”

“I know. Why do you think she made a couple pornos? That is what is wrong with women like you today. This is why the young female population is going to shit. for fucks sake I heard about a town in Texas that has more STDs then most cities in the world. And all of them are on teenagers that cannot keep their legs closed.”

Surprise, surprise. Nothing ever seems to make sense in the world.

“You know what? fuck this,” Nettie says, extends her claws, and slices at Sabine’s throat. Sabine chokes on her own blood and bleeds out in a matter of minutes. All those words wasted. All that anger held in. and for what?

A fucking five second kill. That’s all it took. Why didn’t her brother do this?



When I get home that evening to my home, I sit back and catch my breath. Though I am a shifter, I am also one of the fastest in the world. Being a cheetah isn’t that easy. Isn’t that great either. But that is just how it is. the fates decided to make my brother the adorable koala bear while making me the fastest land animal in the world.

It just keeps getting better and better for me. Not.

When I have my breathing under control, I head to the bathroom and take a cold shower. And while the water brings down my body temperature, it brings my cock up. I hate the fact cold showers do this to me. giving me a stiff prick is not in my arsenal of shit I wanna deal with.

Once I’m done with the shower, my boner subsides and I dry off. After tossing on a pair of pajama pants, I sit back on the couch and flip through channels.

Heading online, I do a bit of reading on the news articles before paying the bills using my credit card. Once done, I sit back and just flip channels until I find something that interests me.

Getting comfortable under a blanket, I watch TV until the sound of someone pounding on the door scares the living shit out of me. I rush off the couch, tossing the blanket to the floor, and head right to the door.

No window. No peephole. I hate that about this door. and while I do complain about it I don’t wanna take the time to improve this house. I hate projects like that. No fucking point in my opinion. The way I see it…if I am gonna repair a house, I might as well rebuild it. more often than not, the houses that I own and live in need to be rebuilt anyway.

And I just don’t wanna do that right now. Too much is going on. Too much is happening. And I cannot get over losing my twin brother. He was an amazing guy. so things just don’t work out in his favor at all.

And when he was around me, we had a lot of fun times together.

But I cannot think of him now.

Opening the door, I spot my neighbor—my 20 year old neighbor—in a pair of sweats. Hubba, hubba.

Racing Time Chapter 13


“Is that your way of challenging me bitch?” the alpha wolf smiles. He is cocky as hell and that kind of shit needs to be knocked down a peg or two. And that is just what Armand is good and ready to make happen.

Whipping out his blades, he gets to work on getting ready. The son of a bitch is about to become bitch jerky. And he is the chef of the day. All other pack and traveling members step back. He takes a few steps forward towards the wolf that is full on running at him.

It doesn’t take long for things to start getting rather interesting. The moment the wolf jumps, Armand slices his ass in half. The wolf comes down in 2 pieces. A sharp howl hits Armand’s ears and his body is flowing deep with adrenaline. Stepping away from the half slices, he stares at what he has done. But it is not over. It is just the beginning.

“You son of a bitch,” one of the other wolves says. At that moment, the other members of the wolf pack come rushing at him. At that moment, Armand’s crew and his mate come rushing forward. Hitting full force at the plethora of wolves in the pack.

The more they fight the more of a slaughter it turns out to be. Dogs being hurt like crazy. But the sons of bitches started it. They charged and all Armand did was defend his people and stand his ground. Nothing anyone can say or do that would change what he has done. And at the rate things are going, Armand worries it might get worse. More and more fighting to come around. More of a slaughter coming around.

But that is just what it is coming to anymore. Fighting, bitching, arguing, too much testosterone going on. Not enough estrogen. Not a lot of people searching for their mates. Things would be better if there was a worldwide hookup scheme of some sort.

People would pay through the teeth to set this shit up. Participate even.



Nettie and Clyde pack for their trip to see Sabine/Selene (whatever the fuck she wants to call herself these days) and once ready, they leave their shit behind and head out onto their trip.

The only reason for the packing part: just for the hell of it. Doesn’t have to make sense. They just wanted to do it. Just to go through the motions just in case they have to face that kind of thing.

And after fifteen hours of traveling, they get to Sabine’s place. Landing there, Nettie opens the door and walks right in. “I’ve been waiting for you,” Sabine says.

“What the hell are you doing to our brother? He’s going insane.”

“That’s his fault. The fag,” Sabine snarls with a smirk on her face. She has always been a vindictive bitch. The one that has to rule the world. The one that has to be the center of attention. And if she isn’t—which isn’t that often—she makes herself the center of attention. She’s one of those selfish, ungrateful sluts that thinks the world is out to get her but all she does is draw negative attention to herself. The kind of girl that truly does deserve to be called “Trash.”

After all, the bitch is the one that killed their mother and father when Nettie moved out of the house and out on her own. Why did Sabine do it?

So everyone would pay attention to her. Couldn’t get over herself.



He looks down at his chest. Blood flows as fast as water down a slab of glass down his chest, sliding down his legs, covering the jean fabric. He cannot believe it. Why now? What happened?

Why is someone pissed off enough to do this to him? He wishes he could have the strength to turn around and see who his assailant but that isn’t how it has worked out for him. Gasping for air, he tries to draw as much breath as he can into his lungs but keeps failing. His body slowly falls to the ground, collapsing with a heavy thud. He continues to struggle. To try and draw breath but it doesn’t work out.

He hears a high pitch scream and the sound of footsteps heading his way. “Oh gods. Baby. Come on. Don’t die on me,” Hank says as tears slide down his cheeks. He doesn’t know what he can do at this point. But at that moment, Cordell thinks about what he has gone through. The long life he has faced. The beauty of how it has started and the agonizing pain of how it is ending.

And the whole time Hank does everything he can to try and stop the bleeding. But it is happening too fast. Far too fast. His world is coming to an end. Crashing down and pretty hard as hell too.

It is just a fact of nature. But what Cordell cannot shake is why him? Why did it have to happen to him? What did he do wrong to have pissed someone off enough to have done this to him?

Before too much longer, he draws his last breath. His eyes close and a solemn look comes across his face. Blood still slightly flows off the right side of his mouth. His body still and Hank cries out in pain. In hurt. Shock even.



How does one admit to having a brother that has just passed on?

I couldn’t begin to tell you. But I know it is a shame. I want to bring him back but I cannot. It is the way of the gods. And why he has had to suffer I don’t know but I have to move on. To cope and move on just as Hank must. It is the way of life.

Cordell is my brother. Was my amazingly smart brother. And I am his twin.