Crisis in Friendship

Owen didn’t even wanna talk about what had happened earlier that day. Just thinking about it pissed him off and he didn’t want to go back to that hell. He just sat back at the bar and tossed back shots of Bacardi. He could only hope it would clear his mind and take him away for the painful experience of earlier that day.

He wished he had never met up with Winston or Ethan but he had a feeling it didn’t matter worth a hill of shit after all. He had a lot on his mind. He had too much on his plate. And the only thing he wanted to do was crawl into a crate and get slaughtered. Yeah. That sounded good right about now.

And he knew it was just a matter of time before he would feel this way again. He just hadn’t hoped it would be on his 21st birthday.

He slapped a fifty on the counter and headed out the door. He didn’t care what happened right now. He wanted it all to go away. For pain to cover for it all. For the numbness of liquor to sweep him away and remove him from this godforsaken hellhole.

He left his car behind knowing it would be jacked soon enough and headed down the road. The smell of freshly ended rain hit his nostrils. It was almost refreshing. But he didn’t care. He was done. Giving up on it all.

As soon as he got to the corner, he felt a strong hand touch his shoulder. His body swiveled around to see a bald man standing there. “Come on Owen,” said the voice. He looked at the man to find it was his best friend Paul. The two of them had been close as ever but something had driven them apart. A man by the name of Vernon. The man had been interested in the two of them.

But Paul being the manwhore he was, had taken over the situation and deterred Vernon from Owen. That had been the final straw. “Don’t touch me. Don’t ever touch me.”

“Is this about Vernon? Really?”

Owen snapped his eyes to glare at Paul. “I fucking told you. I told you I was giving one more chance. When that chance died, I was done for good. A spinster that would sit at home and make shit for no reason just to sell it later on.”

“But Vernon? Why him?”

“Because he actually was interested in me God damn it. Are you that stupid?”

“I’m not stupid.”

“I know you aren’t. But I know you could never help yourself. What does that make Vernon? Man number 37 you’re going to lead on and damage his love life? Isn’t it bad enough you spread the rumor around the campus that I had AIDS when you know I get checked every 3 months?”

“I don’t get you.”

“No I don’t get how a selfish son of a bitch like you can’t just take one man and stick with him. Or are you forever a slut?”

“What the hell’s your problem man?”

“You are my problem. Every time someone shows a hint of interest in me, you make a move and pull them away. Why not just stomp on my throat and kill me now?”

He started to walk off from Paul when Paul grabbed him. Owen was done with being man handled by a selfish whore for what was a friend. He turned around and swung at Paul, connecting with his nose. He watched as Paul cowered back, holding his nose.

Owen wanted to feel sorry but he felt like not giving a damn anymore.

He was just done. Owen climbed into his own car and drove off to his house. When he got there, he headed right to the kitchen. He pulled out his shotgun and used his toe to blow his brains out.

He was discovered by Paul in tears and shock.


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