Small Town

It comes without warning. Without reason, without care. The bully swings his fist forward and connects it with the likes of Angel’s face. Knocking the jaw around and forcing the teeth to grind until blood emits from some teeth hitting the side of his mouth. It stings so angrily, so violently. And he utters a groan while tears bust at his jaw. He has no clue what could happen next. No understanding as to why someone would be so hurtful. So angry.
And it confuses him all at once. God love the man that hits him, but Angel knows this could be for any reason.
“What did I do?” he manages to utter at his bully.
“I don’t like you. Don’t like your existence or anything.”
When Angel’s eyes glance at the bully he sees why. It is none other than his step-brother. The one that wants him gone wants him dead, for being himself and who he is.
Sure, Angel is gay. Sure he is out of the closet. And sure the school seems to revere him as a sort of god. But is that his fault? That he has more fortitude and common sense than his step-brother will ever contain?
It is not his fault. It is no one’s fault.
Angel is willing to bet he knows where this is stemming from. Since the day step-brother Wilson moved in with his father, he has hated Angel.
Angel is willing to bet it stems from losing the attention he got 24/7. The idiot is dumber than a brick. Doesn’t have friends. Girls blow him off. And who would wanna go out with someone that looks like a steroid user? No one.
Girls have enough brains to know boys that have muscles and look like Wilson does end up beating on them in the end. Almost killing them.
Not that Angel would doubt that has happened. Wilson’s father Jason is one of those creepy selfish bastards that wants what he wants. And when he doesn’t, he beats on a woman. And from the looks of it Wilson has been doing the same.
He is more often than not on a steroid rage and doesn’t care about anyone but himself. The boy thinks with his penis and doesn’t think anyone else cares about him.
Angel stands up only for Wilson to punch him in the back. He goes down but comes back up.
Doesn’t let Wilson get the best of him. Doesn’t lash out or strike him back. He knows at some point Wilson will give up and go away.
Every time he stands up, he gets hit, going right back down. No one around him tries to help out. Tries to get Wilson off him. It’s not that people are scared of Wilson, it’s just they care mostly about no one but themselves.
The more he is struck the more he endures. It is not until the principal, four cops, and a teacher pull Wilson off is it over.
“We don’t need personal fights on school grounds,” the principal barks.
The four cops put Wilson in handcuffs and toss him into the back of their vehicle. He is taken away but then that leaves Angel.
“You are wise to not strike back,” the teacher says.
“Why is that wise? I have to face him and his father when I get home.”
“I think not. At least not him,” the teacher replies.
“I don’t understand,” Angel replies.
“It’s not that hard. He is going to prison. That is attempted murder what he has pulled. And as such, he is going away. Here,” the teacher replies and puts a necklace with a button around Angel’s neck, fastening it behind his head.
“If his father strikes you down, press the button. The cops will be there and you will be safe.”
“Thanks,” Angel says.
“Don’t mention it,” the teacher replies and starts walking off as he says, “ever.”
Seems this is the start of more to come. The anger is built and the walls Angel has taken down are now going back up. Tonight, he knows, he will be hospitalized. If not, killed.

stopping blog stories

i have decided to stop writing long blog stories but rather go back to writing short stories. the ones that pour into my head without an issue. i do apologize to those that want more but lately i have been up to my elbows in longer books to write and i don’t have the time for novella sized blog stories. so i must stop with those. i might provide flash fiction from time to time but that is all i can do.


In The Dark Part 2

Cassidy heads into the diner and clocks in just in time for her shift. She sniffles and wipes the last of her tears from her eyes before starting her shift. She goes from one table to the next. Writing down the orders and handing them off to Serge to process and cook them up.

When the bell dings, she runs her ass over and grabs the food. Bringing them to the right tables in succession. The more she works the more she busts her butt and gets things done. She is just 20 years old and she doesn’t have anything going for her.

With her sister gone, she has nothing and no one but herself. And no support. Now she has to work extra hours, extra shifts just to pay for the funeral.

Not a clue why someone would attack a body like they did to her  sister but she feels it is on her to do it.

She gets a call at the end of her shift for her to head to the law office. Turns out there is something she needs to read. To see. And have explained to her.

Her sister’s will. This could be good and this could be dangerously bad. She doesn’t know what to think. Only fear is instilling itself in her core.

What could come of this? What could happen? She doesn’t know. But she has to head over and find out.


Conrad gets it to the office and types up what he has seen in an official report. Gathering the photos and the document with what he has photographed, he hands it to his captain and goes from there. It’s not his job to solve the case. Just to document it and move on.

And with how many cases are coming around these days, he has to be on top of things.

The more he does his job the more he faces some of the most gruesome disgusting shit he has ever seen. But that is just how the job works. And he doesn’t complain.

Not with the sweet money that is coming in from his job. Turns out the force likes his keen sense of description. He has been told he has the working, the talent ,and the gift to write crime novels or forensic novels but hat is not what he wants to do. Besides there are too many people out there doing that.

Too many people trying to be what they are not. And that is the kind of thing that has made him give up on reading all together. Too many people writing about the same thing and not bringing out the fresh things in the world. Sad fucking shame in his mind. But what does he know?

Getting back to the office four hours later, he documents the four crime scenes he has photographed as he prints them off. And once done, he sends those to his captain who sends him out the door. Not for the end of his shift but for a coffee run.

So easy to handle it though too. Hitting up the corner store and picking up 10 of those four packs of coffee in a can kind of things. Already made, cold, but good and addicting as hell.


Tyler gives up his singing career because fuck it,  he could be doing something else. He has other things on the mind. Like going back to his home town and doing what he used to do.

He doesn’t mind performing he just hates singing the same song hundreds of times. It gets fucking old. And he doesn’t like that.

Getting back to the town, he heads his way to the club and walks into the manager’s office. Bursts right in and doesn’t close the door at all. Doesn’t knock. Same old prick Tyler.

Never caring about anyone but himself. What if the manager was fucking someone? What if he was porking some poor woman that will do what she wants to work her way through college?

Doesn’t matter to Tyler. He wouldn’t be surprised to be honest. This man is a total prick and he doesn’t care what the world thinks of him. Dumbass.

“Didn’t expect to see your tight ass back in here,” the manager named Dawson says.

“And I didn’t expect to be bored of singing my voice to death but here we are.”

“What can I do for ya?” Dawson asks smugly.

“You have an opening and I wanna work here again.”

“The fuck makes you think I will hire you back.”

“Because I know you Dawson. You miss seeing this as in a thong and jacking off to it. And you would kill an employee to have me back.”

“I fucking hate you. Get changed and get on the dance floor.”

Tyler strikes again.

In the Dark Part 1

Lucida finds herself on the road to a dark town but it doesn’t matter. It is strange to be on that road but she knows the sooner she gets home the better off she is.

The closer she gets the more rapid her heart beats. Something about this town raises his blood pressure. Makes her palms sweat. The air around her becomes frigid cold. Bugs her that it happens but she doesn’t have control over it. No point in facing the inevitable unless you have to.

When push comes to shove, she knows it will turn out just fine. She will be just fine. Stepping across the town line, she waits for something spontaneous to happen. People to come rushing out. Someone to cast a strong shadow and chase after her. But nothing happens.

Strange. She doesn’t understand what is going on. With that in mind, Lucida starts walking across the town. It is a straight shot in front of her. One strong, long road in front of her. The sooner she makes her move and gets across it the better off she is.

She gets about halfway down when she notices a faint sound that picks up in pitch. Getting closer and closer to her, she starts walking a little faster. Thank Christ for having tennis shoes on rather than that of a hooker’s outfit.

When she gets to the other edge of town, her feet hurt like hell and her breathing is very labored but she feels a hint safer. She strides forward to step out of town and something snatches hold of her. Turning around, she is shocked to find nothing is there. But something has hold of her.

She pushes forward and gets nowhere. Something is pulling at her from around the waist. She glances down to find a demonic entity holding her heavily. It has a demonic smile and a dangerous set of teeth. Sharp and jagged. Like that of a carnivore.

She opens her mouth to scream. And just like that, her voice is gone. She fights with every fiber of her being but then something happens that ends it all.


Conrad heads out that next morning. His mind focused on getting that first cup of coffee. He needs that caffeine or Christ help him he is gonna be one angry son of a bitch. And that says much about him.

His mother is a wicked bitch. The woman that a lot of men have tried their damndest to tame but ended up broken and crawling back to their mama for help and forgiveness. No one talks to Conrad’s mother. She is the devil incarnate most would swear.

So when he gets to the coffee shop and gets his coffee, he feels that much better. At least he doesn’t live with that cretin. He moved out when he turned eighteen. Got smart and got away from that shit.

The more he thinks about it the more it frustrates him. He would never wanna face that again. No sir. No way.

Once is enough. The way he sees it. You get one chance around and that’s it. No second chances. No freebies. One chance. One ride. That is all it is gonna take.

When he is done with his coffee, he tosses the empty Styrofoam into the trash and heads off to his scene. The scene he has to take in, photograph and then some. This is what it is. This is what it is gonna be like.

Once there, he starts snapping photos of what needs to be snapped but then he comes across a part that makes him wanna upchuck. He doesn’t know what the hell happened but he has to document it and soon.


Every fucking time.

Tyler Caldwell busts his ass doing what he has to do and once done, he is out the door. He hates working at that damn club. Singing the same shit day after day. Doing what he has to do, he brings it out and does what he must.

He has one thing in mind: the sooner he is out of there the fucking better.

That is how he sees it. He has a way about his manner that most people don’t find good to be around. Being the drunk and the singer that has to make money doing fucking stage acts. The way he treats women is despicable. Everyone is a piece of ass. The lot of them.

And he ends up pissing off a lot of people. Ends up getting slapped the hell out of.

If only there is one person that could straighten his ass out.

taste of forever ending

Chapter 5


Things just keep getting better. We travel and travel. Most of the time we end up in the trailer. Before and after the fights. I sit back and watch him through the free cable and use up the free Wi-Fi. Works out for me that way.

The more I watch the more I like what is going on. This is the way it works out and the way it has to be. When he gets home from the fight, we fuck around for a while. And damn can we fuck around. I love the taste of him. The taste of his come. And when we are done fucking around, we watch a little TV and fuck around on the computer before we head to bed for the night. It’s not like we do a lot of traveling. Most of the time we end up staying in a frigging single city for 3 days and moving on from that point.

Nothing ever stays the same though. Nothing ever works out that easily. And I know it is just a matter of time before shit hits the fan. Before life starts working out for the best.

With that in mind, I lay back on the bed and end up passing out in his arms. He makes me feel safe. Protected. Loved.


The next day, I know he has until evening to fight so we spend the day together. Looking and sightseeing around the town. Nothing going on but a shit ton of bars. That is all this town has.

So we head back to the trailer and fuck like bunnies over and over again. The more we fuck the more time flies and when we are exhausted, we shower up and watch some TV. Cuddling together on the couch. I love that bouncy perfect ass of his. He is driving me wild with it. And I don’t mind that it is like this for us.

We are young. He has a fucking career going on. Nothing I can bitch or complain about. No reason to bitch and complain when you have good things going for you.

That is how I feel.


A week goes by and before long we are in a better place. We are in a city that can keep our asses busy all the time. But we still spend some time at home together. The more I think about it the more I realize that nothing is ever gonna be easy.

But that is just too fucking bad.

It is only a matter of figuring things out. God he is amazing. And as far as I am concerned, I am just fine with how life is working out.

Taste of Forever Chapter 4

Chapter 4


Honestly I’m scared as fuck about this but there is something about him that draws me in. That makes me wanna be around him longer than tonight. Fuck I wouldn’t mind living with him if all goes well after tonight. Yeah I’m quick to hop into a relationship but that doesn’t stop me from facing the shit I have to face and moving on.

When he comes into the bathroom, he strips out of his clothes, taking his time as he is nervous as I am. I can tell. Trust me. I can tell.

Once he steps in, I close the shower curtain and head right under the water. The blood from my nose heads down the drain and then some. I thoroughly wash up and get done.

I step out of the way so he can wash up. I don’t know what to do at this point. My eyes are glued to that cock of his and how big it is.

When I stare at it, I feel that urge kicking in big time. Fuck it. Who am I to resist a chance to do something amazing? He is rinsing off his hair when I drop to my knees and wrap my lips around his dick.

He moans out of the water as I take him further and further into my mouth. Almost deep throating him out of pure pleasure. Sucking him more and more. The whole time I just keep going. Breathing through my nose.

Tasting the mountain of pre-come that pours into my mouth and down my throat from his cock head. I swirl my tongue at it. Going all out and having a blast with it. This is the start of something fun. The start of something that could turn out wicked hot. That much I can say for sure.

When I think about it, I know I like this guy. And I wanna be with him forever. That’s a new sensation for me.

While I suck him, I finger myself, getting myself ready to have his dick in my ass. I even crack open a bottle of lotion to lube myself up. Yeah I use lotion.

Certain kinds but I’m not telling you that kind of shit. You don’t need to know that.

When I am good and ready, I stand up, turn around, and let him ease it into me. Fuck he feels good.

And when he thrusts, he shoves me more and more into the title shower wall but I love the hell out of it. I love the sensations that he gives me through his thrusts.

“I don’t even know your name but fuck you are amazing,” he growls.

“Whitten,” I tell him. And what’s yours?”

“Jesse,” he replies before he thrusts faster and faster. Harder.

The more he drives it into me the more I moan his name which gets him going more and more until he blows his load into me.

I drop to my knees and take him back into my mouth. And as I suck I stroke myself until I get release. It is amazing how he has this effect on me. How he makes me feel this way. This rush I have never felt before.

And after long, we are cleaning up again from the sex.

After the shower, we get into the room and I wrap a towel around my waist long enough to grab the clothes outside the door.

I toss him the stack of clothes and watch as he puts them on. The way he covers up that soft skin of his and that prick of his. Fuck he has me wanting to go again but I make it subside with a little trick I taught myself.

Once I toss on a pair of shorts and boxers, I lay back on the bed and turn on the TV. I turn the volume low and tap on the pillow next to me, inviting him back.

When I think about it, I figure this is for the best. This is the start of something interesting. We lay back and talk about anything that comes to mind. The more we talk the more I get to know him. I hate that I have to leave at oh shit thirty in the morning but it comes with this job.

“So I have a question for you?” I ask.

“What’s that?”

“Do you have a job?”


“And do you have a trailer?”

“You know I do. I’m living in it.”

“And what if I were to say I want you to be my boyfriend.”

“I would freak out like a little kid getting their dream toy at Christmas.”

“And what if I wanted you to travel with me?”

“That would be a new one for me. Never heard that one before.”

“I’m serious. I want us to date and I want you to come with me.”

“I paid 3 months’ rent for the power, water, and shit where I am at.”

“Tell her to turn it off and keep the money.”

I can tell he is truly contemplating it.

“My place looks like shit.”

“You mean our place,” I tell him.

At that point, I see the glow in his eyes. The smile on his face. Fuck I have him hooked and happy. That’s good enough for me.

After, we head to his place and get that shit done. I know the landlord is kinda pissed but once I sign a shirt for her she shuts the fuck up. Who would have thought?

At that point, we get it done and hook the trailer to the truck. He drives us back to the hotel. I call a meeting with the manager. He comes over and I bring up the fact that we are a couple. That he is gonna drive around with us.

And when he tries to make a point of saying that he cannot afford to have someone piggybacking off the shit, Jesse speaks up.

“Don’t worry about money. I have more than enough of it. I have it covered. And I won’t be piggybacking jack shit. I will just be along for the trip. I promise I will stay out of the way and everything.”

My manager sighs.

“Then I guess it’s fine with me.”

“It better be fine. We are a package deal.”